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Clinical Anatomy and Physiology for the Angry Health Professional



Autor : Stewart

Materia : Anatomía

Editorial : MedMaster

Año : 2008

Edición : 2a ED

Idioma : Inglés

ISBN : 9780940780484

Tamaño : 17.5cm x 25cm

Paginas : 260

Encuadernación : Pasta blanda

Tipo de Impresión : B/N

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For nursing students and other health professionals. Focuses on clinically relevant systemic anatomy and physiology. Brief, up-to-date, practical, thorough, enjoyable reading.



Anatomistas, Fisiólogos



Chapter 1. Organization of the Body
Chapter 2. Basic Pathology and the Immune System
Chapter 3. The Skin
Chapter 4. The Skeletal System
Chapter 5. The Muscular System
Chapter 6. The Nervous System: Brain and Spinal Cord
Chapter 7. The Nervous System: Nerves
Chapter 8. The Eye and Ear
Chapter 9. The Cardiovascular System
Chapter 10. Blood, Electrolytes and Body Fluids
Chapter 11. The Respiratory System
Chapter 12. The Endocrine System
Chapter 13. The Digestive System
Chapter 14. The Excretory System
Chapter 15. The Reproductive System
Chapter 16. Regional Anatomy



Dr. Joseph Stewart

Is both an emergency physician and teacher with 30 years experience in teaching anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology to nursing students and other health professionals, and anatomy and emergency medicine to medical students and residents.